Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment is a developer of games. The current developer portfolio contains 213 programs. The most popular software is PlanetSide 2 with 96 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Sony Online Entertainment

PlanetSide 2
Multiplayer online FPS that delivers epic combat situations.
Star Wars Galaxies
In Star Wars Galaxies you can fight alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca.
Magic The Gathering Tactics
It is the first game that brings the iconic characters.


3D Engine Play Run Game Shooting Game Skill Game Time Game Wage War War Game Weapons World

Popular programs by Sony Online Entertainment

Star Wars Galaxies: Complete Online Adventures
Complete Online Adventures provides the complete Star Wars Galaxies experience.
PlanetSide: Aftershock
Massively multiplayer gaming takes on a new face in PlanetSide.
EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey
EQ II: The Shadow Odyssey brings a good balance for new and veteran players.
Free Realms
Wonderful online game in which you can do whatever you want.
Cosmic Rift
It is a multiplayer space action game where you take command of a star fighter.

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